About Us

LollyZip was founded by designer Jill Yvette Dybdahl.  While travelling frequently from her home to Los Angeles shortly after TSA 3-1-1 was implemented, Jill recognized a need for quality small bottles and jars that are easy to fill and easy to dispense. Fitting the products into a quality pretty quart-size bag for carry-on luggage sure beats the typical zip-lock baggy most travelers use! Jill created a way to zip through packing and zip through airport security!


                    Jill Yvette Dybdahl                                       The Story of How it All Began


Jill along with her friends Kara Charput (Lolly actress), and Inda Reid, director and producer, created a fun and colorful way to bring LollyZip to you. We hope you enjoy the informative and playful videos and photography that feature Lolly and the LollyZip products. A special thanks to Anna Dybdahl for composing and performing the LollyZip jingle and to George Forgeng for composing and performing the music for the video.  


Jill and Lolly

The need for functional beautiful products is abundant. A pretty product is what we all want, but the product also needs to be of good quality and functionality. LollyZip, LLC is a company which develops beautiful, smart, products making your life easier in a beautiful way.

Thank you and may you have a beautiful day.