LollyZip JDZip Christmas Tree Tie Its Crowded in There - Green, Grey, Red

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Chickens in a pine tree?  Why not? Ha Ha Ha

Jill just can't stop painting chickens.  When holiday season rolled around, Jill just couldn't help herself and envisioned chickens popping their heads out of a snowy pine tree.  At a glance the chix may look like colorful red ornaments, but no, its a tree full of chickens! The guy up front couldn't quite fit in!

The tie is digitally reproduced from original painting, oil on canvas, by Jill Yvette Dybdahl

100% Polyester Silk-like hand, knots beautifully

Standard size: 2.75" wide x 58" Long

Beautifully packaged in 100% recycled material gift box.

Care: Tiess are dry clean only. We recommend dry cleaners that don't use "perc" (perchloroethylene) solvents. If required, use an iron with a light touch on a synthetic setting only. Higher temperatures may result in color transfer and melting of fabric.

Manufacturing: Made in USA, Denver CO, by KnottyTie, Co.  Ethical practices, on-demand production and advanced textile printing using sustainable fabrics reduces waste and environmental impact.